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  Security by - security you can trust.

  Security you can trust

Our security experts have the training and experience you can put your trust in. Our staff carry certifications ranging from basic hardware and software, to servers and ethical hacking. While we primarily service the small business market, we have experience working with larger business and even a mid size hospital. Our staff have performed everything from simple PC repair to doing HIPAA risk assessments and PCI DSS compliance audits. We also have experience in writing security policy as well as security training. Need help with disaster recovery? We have you covered. Whatever your security needs are, we have staff that can cover those needs.

Vulnerability scans

Risk assessment

Security policy

Security Sweep - Lock down your network or PC's

   Vulnerability scans and mitigation

Scanning for vulnerabilities, and mitigating those vulnerabilities, helps to reduce your risk of a security breach. In some industries, it is a required security step. Do you accept credit cards? If so, you are bound by PCI DSS compliance, which requires that all software patches be installed withing 30 days as well as a formal risk assessment be done on your Cardholder data environment (CDE). Do you store sensitive information such as social security numbers for pay role? If so, you are responsible for the security of those numbers. Having an annual vulnerability scan done, along with mitigating any found vulnerabilities, goes a long way towards securing your sensitive information. It can also keep you complaint with industry regulations.

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   Risk Assessments

If you are in need of risk assessments, then we have you covered. We can perform your risk assessment and will provide the finished product via the NIST SP 800-30 risk assessment guide. This is a formal document put out by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and is an approved formal risk assessment platform. We can provide your assessment for PCI DSS compliance, HIPAA compliance or for your own security policy. Knowing what your actual risks are help you to choose where to put your money, as well as what risks should be dealt with first. A risk assessment can also help you to know just how much to spend on mitigation for a given asset. In today's economy, a risk assessment provides value to the business.

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   Security policy

Need help creating your security policy? Whether you need a policy built from the ground up, or just an annual review, we have you covered. A security policy is the one of the first steps you should take in securing your network. This policy provides and administrative layer to your overall security. It is the framework within which your company established the needed levels of security to provide the level of conventionality and security your data needs. Without this framework, there is no sense to security decisions and may impede business results due to the mishandling of security needs.

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  Do I need a security sweep?

In todayís world of online storage of personal data, hacker activity and pfishing schemes, the need for security has never been more important. Everything you do online can be tracked and stored online. From your surfing habits, to your credit card number you used to make a purchase at an online store.

  Isnít the bank or store responsible for securing my personal     information?

Yes. Once the data is in their database, it is the responsibility of that company to secure your personal data. Most reputable sites will also use encryption for the data traveling over the Internet to their computer via SSL (Secure Socket Layer). But who secures the data as you type it in? What about the data you have stored on your own computer? That is your responsibility. And given the global reach of the Internet, attacks can come from anywhere at anytime, including from your very own computer.

  What are the risks, and where do they come from?

Personal data on your computer can be compromised, giving a hacker all the data they need to steal your credit card numbers, log in information, account numbers, passwords, identity and much more. Hackers are not like what you see on TV. There are no thirty-second hacks into your computer. Most hackers rely on tools that are installed on your computer without your knowledge or consent. Tools such as key or chat loggers, backdoor programs, Trojans and many other programs that can give the hacker full control of your computer as if they were sitting at it. Many unprotected computers are turned into email spam machines that help spread these tools. How do these tools get there? Virus and email attachments can deposit them, spyware, some free programs you download and install, programs that take advantage of flaws in the Windows Operating System and even websites you visit. And this is to just to name a few.

  But I have a Anti-virus program, wonít that protect me?

Not all virus scanners scan for adware/spyware. The ones that do do not find most of it. And to add insult to injury, new technologies are making the detection of such tools very difficult. If your system has a rootkit, a malicious program installed by hackers, it does not matter if your virus scanner or spyware scanner has a signature (A way to detect the virus or spyware.) The rootkit makes the virus, or any other tool the hacker wishes to hide, invisible to every program on your computer, including the operating system! These rootkits are often very difficult to detect and take special detection software, and advanced knowledge of the Windows operating system to find them.

  What can I do?

ALL PC WORK can sweep your computer and your network to make it as secure as possible. Our full system sweep starts by searching for any rootkits. If a rootkit is detected, we will discuss your options with you. Once we determine your system is clean, we install a Host Intrusion Prevention (HIP) program that will prevent any rootkits from getting installed in the future. Then our sweep moves on to spyware, adware, crimeware, viruses and other unwanted security threats. Once that is done, we scan your network for any open ports. Then we close them. Once the sweep is compete you will be able to access your bank accounts and make online purchases with a sound peace of mind. And as an added bonus, we show you how to use all the software we installed on your computer. With this knowledge, you can maintain your security level and your peace of mind.

  Does all this software cost extra?

No. The software is included in the price of the sweep. However, if you are in need of renewing your antivirus subscription, your additional cost will be with your antivirus vender. If you have inadequate antivirus or no antivirus, then you will need to purchase our recommended antivirus or your favorite antivirus. This additional cost comes from the antivirus vendor, not ALLPCWORK.COM.

  What if my machine is to compromised to be safely fixed?

We can perform a clean install of windows, which includes the full security sweep.

  If they still get in, how do I protect my data ?

ALL PC WORK can show you how to encrypt all your personal data. Data such as financial records, account numbers and passwords. Only you will be able to unencrypt the encrypted data. So even if your computer were compromised, the data stolen will be encrypted with 256 bit or higher encryption, making it useless. This encryption is of the same level and quality that the US government, including the NSA (National Security Agency), uses to secure its top-secret documents.

  Today, anyone who uses a computer online should secure it, even if you do not store or use personal data on your computer.

Why? Unprotected computers spread many of the tools used by hackers. This makes unprotected computers a major contributor to the hackersí success. These tools often slow your computer down as well as making it much less stable, causing system crashes. Most tools are written so they do not give away their presence. Just because your system does not seem slow, or does not crash does not mean that these tools are not present. The average number of unauthorized pieces of sypware and or programs we find on an Internet accessible machine is hovering around 350. We have seen computers with over 1600 pieces of spyware and other unauthorized programs.

  Prices starting at: $150.00.

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